Congratulations on seeing the great value in this Driving Lesson Package!

When it comes to preparing to be a P Plater, you need a little professional intervention at an affordable price right?

This special driving lesson package is Jam Packed with added value so that you can be fully prepared to to be a SAFE P Plater – not just another teen with a license.

This driving lesson package includes a Driving Test to be taken on a Saturday. This usually costs a little more but is included in this pack for a couple of reasons:

  1. Saturdays are less of a rush, parents can be there for support if needed
  2. You will not actually get your license until the Monday after – The Department of Transport is closed on weekends. This is the ultimate P Plate readiness cooling off opportunity! Rather than rushing out full of adrenaline and bravado because you passed your test, you will have the weekend to chill out and calm down. We believe this will reduce risk to you, the new driver.

A Driving Lesson package is a great way to save money and allows you to set a schedule to achieve your goals towards taking your Driving Test.

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