Do you have questions about Driving Lessons?

Here’s a few commonly asked questions and answers. Feel free to ask anything not covered here.

 I’ve never had a professional driving lesson before. What can I expect?

Our very first meeting is where I get to know you and where you are at. I will ask you some questions about your experience, how you felt and how long it has been since you were behind the wheel. If you’ve never ever driven before, I take you to a quiet street for your first driving lesson (if your own street is a bit hectic!) and show you all of the car controls before gently guiding you through using the pedals to move and stop the car while holding the wheel and slowly moving forward.

I’m super nervous. Can I bring someone with me for the first driving lesson?

I have an ‘open back seat’ policy. I welcome anyone that would like to accompany a learner driver or simply to watch me train during a driving lesson.

What’s your refund policy?

If you book a driving lesson with me and you don’t learn anything new, or you simply don’t like me, I will refund half of your lesson fee. Simple. I guarantee that you will learn safe driving behaviours to prepare you for solo driving.

Do you pick up from one location and finish at another?

Yes, absolutely! It would be appreciated if you could let me know of your plans in advance so that other students are not inconvenienced should I be further away from them than originally planned.

Do you have up to date information about road rules and test criteria?

Of course! I am always educating myself on the latest driver education knowledge to ensure that you are given the best possible education during every driving lesson.

Can I use my own car for lessons?

Absolutely you can! I even give you a discount on lesson fees for using your own car. All I ask is that the vehicle is safety checked (tyres, brakes, all lights and horn working) and that it is registered and insured. I believe that you should do as many hours as you can in the car you will be driving when you get your P’s.