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We all have to start somewhere. Whether you’ve had a little experience and know how to steer and use the pedals or you are a brand new beginner, I start from the beginning to check your competency and then if you are ready, I move you on to the next challenge!

Typical Beginner Lessons include: (but aren’t limited to as depends on auto or manual)

  • Seat and mirror set up, seatbelt and introduction to where the controls are that you need to know to start driving
  • Pedals and which feet to use, explanation on pressure needed for taking off and stopping (it’s common for new drivers to try to use the left foot for the brake pedal in auto or manual!)
  • Getting into gear, releasing the handbrake, mirror and shoulder checking before letting the car move forward. Taking off and stopping – repeat until competent.
  • Driving in a ‘safe’ area – this could be a huge industrial estate or a massive carpark before the shops open. I have a few quiet ‘classrooms’ in housing estates with wide roads and minimal traffic for absolute beginners.
  • Mastering turning – left turns, right turns and steering around a cul-de-sac until the steering wheel is managed correctly.

Absolute bare basics – with manual I include clutch control for take off and stopping, the process to change gears etc. The number of lessons really depend on the individual. I have some students who are ready for the open road with traffic in the second half of a one hour lesson and others who need at least 3 lessons to get that far – if anxious, even more.

Partially Trained – Intermediate

These new drivers have had some experience with mum or dad – or another willing victim – oops I mean Supervisor! These drivers already know how to drive, they have been in traffic – perhaps driven to and from school or to the shops. They may have a casual job and have driven to and from their workplace. They haven’t yet been in situations where they need to change lanes or merge – or if they have, their supervisor is telling them when it is safe to go. They may not have been on the motorway at high speed yet. Lessons at this level will include (but are not limited to):

  • Driving further, different speeds and road conditions
  • Practising merging and lane changing from right to left and back again. Maintaining speed and safe distance is vital during this phase.
  • Wide drives out onto country roads (or heavy traffic depending on where they have been driving prior)
  • An introduction to merging and travelling on the motorway and safely exiting
  • Parking – yes, I teach parking in all situations! Reverse Parallel, Reverse Bay parking, drive in parking. Petrol bowser parking and security boom gate safety and parking at busy shopping centres.

I pick up at where you left off so if you have any new challenges or weaknesses in your driving, I will listen to you and address those first and foremost!


Advanced – Test Ready?

So you’ve completed your logbook? Or almost done, just need those last few hour? 1 Hour Professional Training = 3 hours in your logbook. How do you think you will go if you were to have your test tomorrow? Would you pass? Do you know what the test involves? Do you have a car to use for this massive milestone day? The Department of Transport does not have cars there for you to do your test in – just in case you thought that 🙂

Pre Test readiness is all about how you FEEL about being a P Plater. Are you feeling confident? Not sure? Are you worried about going out on your own after driving for 100 plus hours with someone next to you, guiding you along the way? Are you over confident? Are you worried about whether the examiner will ‘like you’ or be ‘mean’ like you heard from your friends?

A complete Test Pak with me includes lessons leading up to the big day, a practise test AND a calming drive the hour prior to your test to refresh your manoeuvres and make sure that you are in the right Headspace for becoming a P Plater. You have come such a long way and it would be so awesome to pass your Driving Test first time wouldn’t it?

I have a Super awesome Guarantee for students that have lessons with me prior to their Test. But there are conditions.

I Guarantee that if you do not pass first time, I will pay for the next test booking AND gift you my time on your new test day …..BUT …….You will make a promise to me. For this Guarantee to be effective, here is what you must do:

  • You promise to ensure that you are truly ready for becoming a P Plater. Any doubt at all – rebook your test to a time in the future so that you can be sure of being ready. Taking a test because your friends all have their P’s or because your parents are pushing you to do it is NOT a valid reason to go for it before you are ready.
  • You promise that if you fail for speeding, going through a stop sign or using poor judgement while pulling onto a roundabout or intersection and you cut someone off – you will not expect me to foot the bill for your second test.
  • And last but not least, I will promise you, that should you be unsuccessful, if it is for a reason that you can honestly swear that you did not know – I will organise your second attempt at no cost to you! Fair enough?