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You want your child to be safe when they get their P’s right?

Sadly, too many parents have received the news that their beloved son or daughter is either critically injured or has been killed in a car crash.

Have you asked yourself what YOU can do to ensure that you do not receive the call that no parent wants to get? Have you prepared your Learner driver to be a Safe P Plater?


My name is Sonia.

There is a reason that I am a driver trainer. It is because I do not want families receiving the worst news possible. 


Learners Read This

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Sure, there are a million and one driving schools to choose from, all of them cheaper than a day pass at Dreamworld! The question you have to ask is this:

What do you want? A permit to say that you can legally kill yourself and maim and injure others in your four wheel death trap


A set of driving skills that will hopefully, one day, allow you and even the friends that are with you, the opportunity of having grandkids?

Get Your License

Everyone wants to drive a car, roof and windows down, music up, going on that weekend road trip with mates. Sadly, too many P Platers may not make it back home.

Let me help you towards that perfect moment – and potentially save you hundreds of dollars 

Learn how to be a safer driver

Learn how to enjoy driving

Learn how to avoid road rage

Learn how to drive defensively not aggressively

Learn the consequences of speed, not obeying road rules

Learn about the functions of the car and how to drive to protect yourself and your car

Learn how to ‘find your own way’ drive like an open licence person while on L’s.


L Plate

Still Here?

Not convinced I am the person you want to guide you through this life changing process? Ok. Well keep reading:

I provide you with the skills you will need to keep you, your friends and other road users safe as you embark on the rest of your ‘Learning Journey’ as a first year P Plater. Just because you lose your L’s does not magically make you an awesome ‘know everything’ driver let alone a safe one. Have a little think about all of the teenage drivers you have heard about or even known in the past two years alone.

How many of them have been 100% incident free? How many of them have lost demerit points and paid fines for speeding? And dare I ask, do you know anyone that has either lost their life or been seriously injured while in a car – whether they were driving or not?

Read More……


Ultimate P Plate Pack

About YOU!

You Want your License

What would it mean to you to get your license?

How much would your life change once you can be independent of relying on others or public transport?

Would having your license open doors of opportunity for employment ?

Get Your Keys to Freedom

If you want to be the sort of person who only wants to learn ‘just enough’ to pass your driving test then there are plenty of ‘cheap’ driving schools that will happily help you do that.

My program will give you experiences, skills and attitude that will save you and your family a lot of heartache AND money as you will learn to be a SAFE driver. You want to ensure you drive safely don’t you? 

How Can I Help You?

I promise to ensure that you receive the best driver education so that you will have the skills and the right attitude to pass your P’s test FIRST TIME! 

Is mum worried that you will get hurt behind the wheel?

Is dad concerned that you’ll take his wheels for a spin and end up getting a huge fine – or worse, get his car impounded?

I will ensure that you are confident, feel safe and are ready before you go for your test. If you are not ready, the test can easily be rescheduled – this saves you emotionally and financially! You will be so glad that you opted for some professional training before attempting your driving test!

Pass Your Driving Test

With a program that covers driving in a variety of areas which include all road types, weather conditions and times of day. 

And Yes, I can teach you all of the manoeuvres that you may be asked to demonstrate on test day. Why do you guys stress over these?

I let you make mistakes with me so that you learn and do not make those same mistakes again – especially on test day and once you are a P Plate driver!



Highland Park, QLD, Australia